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What Can Menstrual Cycle Coaching Do For Me?

Working with a Menstruality coach like myself, you really get to know yourself in a way that is deeper, closer than ever before.

It's about healing rough menstrual symptoms - the physical and emotional.

Helping you feel more in control, calmer and peaceful. Not stuck on a relentless rollercoaster and afraid of the wild mood swings, anxiety and overwhelm.

We go deep into your particular menstrual story, what you have brought with you, who you are right now and your deepest desires and wishes for the future.

I help you to recalibrate back on to the cyclical process that your body operates on and live in tune with your body, instead of fighting against it.

This grows your body confidence and self esteem. You go back to the girl who you were when you first started bleeding and form a new relationship with her.

You cultivate self-compassion and say goodbye to shame.

You write yourself a different story, one of empowerment, self-acceptance, pride in who you are.

And it gives you a direct line to yourself.

Once you have learned all of the foundations of Menstruality, the 3 menstrual maps and the nuances of how to connect to the cyclical process that happens, you can start to notice what it is that you need at certain times of the month.

This kind of practice of pacing yourself, getting to know yourself and recognising what you need every day, paying attention to everything that happens around you and how that affects you inwardly is really, really important.

And it's a process that we should have all really been taught to do when we first started bleeding when we were young.

And if we had, OH how that would have changed things and how it would have changed our experience of our lives and of being a woman.

But it's never too late to start.

And if you're nearing perimenopause, this practice of having awareness of how you're feeling each day, recognising that and attributing that to a day in your cycle and then knowing what nourishes you on this day to day level is really going to be important and so useful to you when you go through menopause. Because that is a time when things you feel like you're off solid ground completely for a while.

The best thing, is once you have understood the Menstruality process and discovered your own relationship to it, it is something that you can always go to and always rely on.

It's giving you this holding, something to hold onto when everything feels a bit haywire.

It's giving you your life back.


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