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How Can Menstrual Cycle Tracking Help My Severe PMS?

Cycle tracking is the baseline to this work, the core practice that can bring you life-changing results.

Tracking your menstrual cycle every day (and this is more than just knowing when you're due on your period) means you notice closer than ever before the patterns that occur month to month, the ebb and flow, the contraction at Menstruation and the expansion at Ovulation, and how that plays out in your daily life.

Once you get into a habit of cycle tracking using my Red Rebel Method, you can then work to sync your menstrual cycle with your schedule.

You learn how to use your time and energy wisely to be out in the world, doing your thing, but crucially when to pull back and retreat, in order to rest and restore.

"The menstrual cycle is your ultimate guide to befriending yourself, and utterly relishing the full pleasure and authority of being a woman."
Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer.

I absolutely love this quote - what an act of rebellion it is to come into relationship with your cycle in this way, in a world that has for so long wanted to keep women away from their power!

Tracking and awakening your own Menstruality is a way of gaining control of your life, healing your challenging menstrual symptoms and reclaiming who you are. Because for so long we have been turned off to this inner knowledge and our periods have been places of pain, distress and suffering.


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