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Who We Are

Welcome to The Red Rebel Collective. We're rebels on a mission to redefine the conversation around menstrual mental health. We have crafted a space to dive deep into understanding our cycles, embrace our wildest selves and challenge the societal norms that tell us to hush up.


More Than Just Education:

Sure, we've got online courses that dive into the nitty-gritty of your menstrual moods, guided by our founder Lisa's expertise, but it doesn't end there.


We're a community that thrives on connection. Lively discussions, shared insights, and a virtual space where we uplift each other. Oh, and did we mention real-life events? That's right, we're not just pixels on a screen; we're a movement with a heartbeat you can feel.


Challenging Norms, Breaking Free:

For far too long women have been told the wrong story about their innate power. Through online education, community support, and real-life events, we're rewriting the script. Your menstrual cycle is not the enemy; it's a source of power, and it's time the world knows it. So if you're ready to rebel, to dive into a community that celebrates the ebb and flow of YOU welcome to The Red Rebel Collective. We're not just a community; we're a movement, and we're thrilled to have you with us on this revolutionary journey.

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Our Manifesto

We declare our commitment to awakening women to the suppressed power that resides within their bodies, and we stand as a testament to the unyielding force of menstrual cycles as a source of empowerment, wisdom, and resistance.


I. Embrace the Sacred Cycle: We reject the age-old stigma surrounding menstruation and embrace it as a sacred and natural cycle of life. Menstruality is not a burden; it is a source of power, wisdom, and connection to the rhythms of the Earth. We encourage women to reclaim their bodies and celebrate the cyclical nature of their existence.


II. Education as Liberation: Knowledge is our most potent weapon against oppression. The Red Rebel Collective is committed to dismantling the barriers of ignorance that shroud the menstrual cycle. Through education, workshops, and open dialogue, we empower women and allies with the understanding of cyclical bodies, promoting self-love, and fostering a sense of solidarity.


III. Unmasking Cultural Taboos: We challenge the deeply ingrained cultural taboos surrounding menstruation, pms and being hormonal that seek to diminish the power of women. By exposing the roots of these taboos, we unveil the oppressive systems that perpetuate them. We work to expose, explore and transform menstrual shame, unmasking attitudes, ignorance and lies in search of liberation.


IV. The Red Rebellion: The Red Rebel Collective is not just a movement; it is a rebellion against the silencing of women's power. We encourage acts of protest that amplify the power of menstruality, from red marches symbolising the blood ties that bind us to artistic expressions that challenge societal norms. Through our collective actions, we demand the recognition and respect that menstruating individuals deserve.


V. Empowerment through Unity: We recognise that our strength lies in our unity. The Red Rebel Collective is a diverse tapestry of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. We stand united against the forces that seek to diminish the power of menstruality and assert our right to be heard, respected, and celebrated.


VI. Healing and Liberation: The Red Rebel Collective advocates for the healing of the wounds inflicted by societal norms. By embracing menstruality, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Liberation is not only external but internal, as we free ourselves from the chains of premenstrual shame and reclaim our bodies and minds.


VII. The Future is Red: We envision a future where cyclical living is revered, where the power it holds is acknowledged and respected. The Red Rebel Collective is guiding women toward unlocking their power, and we declare that the future is red— menstruality as a catalyst for positive change, equality, and a world free from the shadows of menstrual stigma. Join us, sisters and allies, in the Red Rebel Collective, as we rise, resist, and reclaim the power of menstruality for a brighter, empowered, and liberated future.

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