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Before You Take Medication For Your Hormonal Mood Swings, Read This.

So many women feel disturbed by the menstrual cycle. Some experience extreme suffering from physical symptoms to mental health issues that arise cyclically.

Why is this happening?

Why do those days before your period feeling like a crazy hormonal rollercoaster?

Why are we getting things like severe PMS or PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder)?

Why are we burning out, feeling anxious, frazzled, full of fatigue, just completely done in by the time we get to our periods?

You see, we live in a world in society that does not value the fact that we are cyclical.

And because we are cyclical, our energy is literally changing every single day of the month.

Whether you have a 28ish day cycle or as close to, you are on a cyclical journey every single month, and every single day you change.

And this notion of being a changeable creature is the complete opposite to how society currently operates, which is on a very linear, very patriarchal structure that does not value change.

It wants you to stay the same.

It wants you to get up, do your routine, produce as much work as you did yesterday, do everything that you did yesterday, tend to everybody else that you tended to yesterday, and just keep going and going and going, like this robot that operates on this repetitive 24 hour schedule.

Take a pause. When you actually stop and think about this...

How can we survive like that, when our bodies are cyclical?

We are women and we change every single day.

Therefore our desires change every single day.

Our physical needs change and requirements change every day.

Our emotional state changes every day.

Our cognitive state changes every day.

Whether we're able to focus on the same things, whether we have motivation in the same way, our creative, visionary capabilities, these are all different every single day, every week of the menstrual month.

Our tolerance for things, our patience, our sense of adventure and excitement for life. Our connection to ourselves and our ability to go inward, all of this is oscillating within a 28 day cycle.

So just based on this alone, how on earth can we survive in this world that does not let us change?

Well, we can't.

And this is exactly why things are breaking down.

This is why we're experiencing this menstrual trauma.

And it's one of those things that when you don't know about it, you don't know about it.

So you're not ever questioning it.

You're just having the symptoms and the experiences and feeling these issues every month.

But when you move on to a cyclical calendar and you learn about the energy of the cycle and how different it can feel to recalibrate to your cyclical nature, the shifts are game-changing.

It is the most life-affirming thing, because suddenly everything feels right and everything feels like you're moving in this way that feels right. Working with your body, instead of against.

And all those feelings that you're having when you're struggling - you discover that you are not mad and that actually, the deep and powerful states in all phases of the cycle are real and normal. They only feel wrong because we've never been shown how to navigate this menstrual process. There is a place for everything within you and everything that you're experiencing.

Yes, the intensities of it may need to change or be looked at or worked through, but you as a person, as a woman, are not broken. You are a whole cyclical, beautiful being.

And it is my mission to remind you of that and bring you back to that whole sense of self.

What if your symptoms were red lights, alerting you to something about your health or your life?

What if your symptoms were unlived power, something you've not yet been able to access?

What if your symptoms are a manifestation of the degree to which we have collectively suppressed the menstrual cycle over centuries?

If you are interested in learning more on how Menstruality can help you to transform your symptoms, book in for a cycle consultation here.


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