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Online Courses

Our online courses invite you to embark on a journey into the transformative potential of your menstrual cycle.

More than just courses, these immersive experiences are a blend of expert insights, practical wisdom and the support of a vibrant community. From understanding the intricacies of your cycle to reclaiming your body and rewriting the narrative of your experience as a woman, our courses are designed to give you everything you need to get started. 

Your cyclical power awaits – are you ready to unlock it?

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What if you could make sense of your PMS and PMDD symptoms and understand why things are happening - - and more importantly know how to manage them? And it wouldn't be great if you could get more balance and calm in your cycle with a proven strategy to nourish you on physical, emotional and spiritual levels? And even better, someone to help you along the way? To hold you accountable so you can make changes and stop dreading that time of the month.

Period Power: Master Your Menstrual Moods & Change Your Life is our self-paced, self-study online course led by Red Rebel founder Lisa. There are 7 modules with a mix of reading, audio and video lessons, plus guided practices.


You also get:

  • Monthly live group Q&A call with Lisa so you get answers to the questions that are keeping you stuck & receive support


  • Access to an online community of badass women on the same journey as you to keep you accountable, motivated and feeling supported. 

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