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Each week we will be streaming LIVE content giving you some incredible trainings, tips, tools and support so that you can make changes to your menstrual health FAST


If you've been suffering with severe PMS or crippling period pain and life feels like it's all too much, you're FED UP of of feeling out of control because of your hormones, you dread your period every month and what havoc it's going to cause, and you're desperate for CHANGE to your menstrual problems, then this is the place for you!


Come and find nourishment, community, support & expert guidance to help you get off the hormonal rollercoaster and back to a place of



PLUS you will be joining a tribe of seriously awesome rebels who are saying NO MORE to menstrual suffering.


BONUS: Joining the live sessions each week gives you the chance to ask questions to period coach Lisa Higgins




Journalling Sesh



Stuck on a wild ride of hormonal chaos with no way to get off?

I’m throwing you a lifeline. 


Perhaps you are:


🆘Sick of the mood swings: they’re unpredictable and intense, leaving you feeling emotionally unstable, full of guilt and self loathing


🆘Irritable and stressed and finding it hard to cope with daily responsibilities and tasks


🆘Your get up and go has got up and gone. You’re knackered and demotivated and it’s affecting work and home


🆘Physically uncomfortable: Bloating, cramps, headaches, skin changes, itchiness, brain fog and breast tenderness is sucking the life from you every month


🆘Feeling frustrated and helpless because you don’t know why you are suffering so much


🆘Scared of who you become at certain times of the month


🆘Worried about the effect on your relationships. Hormonal mood swings can strain relationships, causing misunderstandings and conflicts with friends, family, and partners


🆘Are coping but not-coping. You’re using unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as overeating, isolation, or excessive caffeine/alcohol/sugar consumption, to deal with mood swings


🆘Tired but you can’t sleep: Hormonal shifts can affect sleep which can further contribute to mood imbalances


🆘Feeling Isolated and alone in your struggle


If any or all of these are you -

I’m about to show you exactly how to create change. 


I'm Lisa, a period coach and I've got your back.


🌱🌷 Empowerment through Understanding: 🌷🌱


✨ Hormones 101: I’m going to break down the science behind those mood swings and emotional shifts that tag along with your cycle, before offering you a new spin on things that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE


Knowledge is power, and we're here to empower.


✨ Ride the Wave: Discover actionable tips and strategies to navigate through irritability, low energy, and emotional turbulence


✨ Lifestyle Tweaks: Dive into simple - yet rebellious - lifestyle adjustments that can have a big impact on your mood stability. I’ve got the hacks you need


✨ Connecting with Others: Join a community of fellow adventurers who are riding similar waves. Share experiences, swap tips, and build a support network to make your journey smoother


It's time to get back in control and calm your hormonal mood swings. No more feeling overwhelmed or lost in the storm - you will become the captain of your own ship and feel enlightened and empowered.


Join me on Wednesday, 26th Sept at 12 PM UK Time, for journalling session that will help you no matter your cycle experience this week.


Here's to smoother cycles and happier days ahead :)


Love, Lisa x

What rebels say about our events

"I'm really emotional after that workshop. I feel so moved and connected to myself and I can't believe I never knew about this before.

Thank you so much Lisa.

Kate x

I’m so thankful to Lisa for holding these spaces to dive deep, learn, reflect, connect and share. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher and facilitator. 

Katelyn x

“Discovering The Red Rebel Collective and menstrual cycle awareness has transformed my relationship with my body and cycle. I feel empowered and much more aware of all things related to my body. Being part of Red Rebel provides a safe space to gather and be supported by like-minded women which feels wonderful. Thank you.”

Hannah x

"It's really beautiful to gather with women, to listen to and share with one another without fear of judgement. This is the safe space that women need."
Amy x


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Hi I’m Lisa, a menstrual cycle coach and the founder of The Red Rebel Collective. For over a decade I suffered with PMDD and was on medication. I was suffering bad. I feared the ‘real me’ and held the view that my cycle was wrong, and broken. And therefore so was I. 


That is, until I discovered the truth of my own cyclical nature and learned incredible tools and practices which helped me to become free of severe menstrual symptoms and transformed my life for the better.

Now my cycle is no longer the enemy, but my greatest ally.


After a year-long intensive training with the Red School, mentored directly by Menstruality pioneers Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, I am now on a mission to educate as many menstruators as possible! I teach women & people who bleed how to transform their own lives through the holistic practice of cyclical living.


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