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The Hormone REBOOT:
6 weeks to Menstrual Mastery


💥 stop feeling like your hormones are ruining your life

💥 create balance in your life like never before

💥 calm your nervous system

💥 have TONS more energy and avoid burning out

💥 feel less scared of life and raise your self-esteem

💥 have more time for yourself - time that is truly nourishing

💥 make better choices that come from a strong inner confidence

💥 enjoy more meaningful relationships

💥 feel happier, healthier and excited for life

💥be authentically and unapologetically YOU

💥 feel inspired to have your best year yet

💥 be part of a rebellious community that fights the patriarchy and says no more to menstrual suffering



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The Hormone Reboot is a 6-week journey through the powerful energetics of the menstrual cycle where you will learn how to use your cycle to repair your challenging menstrual symptoms naturally, while levelling up your self care to insane new levels of wellbeing. This is a GAMECHANGER! In 6 weeks you will have the knowledge and support to balance your cycle and boost your self care in a way that TRULY WORKS and is SUSTAINABLE. You will receive incredible healing practices specific to the menstrual cycle that are yours for LIFE.


Here's what's involved:


🚀 6 modules to train you in what’s happening every week of the menstrual cycle and how to use your cycle to vastly improve your energy, mood, health, relationships and work life

🚀 Weekly sessions with me to support you with any questions, problems, blocks you have

🚀 Bonus trainings and practices to help you up your game even further

The only question is... are you ready to make 2023 your best year yet?




Module 1 - Coming Into Relationship with Yourself + The Cyclical Gamechangers

As we begin this journey together we will set intentions and you will have everything you need to start tracking your cycle. We will then look at the Inner Seasons in a wider context and how you can use them to get to know your own nature, strengths and weaknesses. We will talk about how they can help you build psychological muscle to transform your life and reduce menstrual suffering.


Module 2 - The Inner Winter - Menstruation

Eveything begins and ends with menstruation, aka the inner winter. If you surrender to this seasons and consummate its gifts, you’re perfectly set up for the succession of seasons that follow. You will learn how to work with the incredibly wise energies of menstruation in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense.



Module 3 - The Inner Spring - the Follicular phase

Spring....ahhhh don't you just love it. The sun starts to peep its head out, green shoots return to plant life, we start to dress lighter shedding winter coats, hats and scarves and tweeting birds provide the soundtrack to new beginnings. The week after you have your period is a time of great potential. But we must learn how to hold this rising energy or things can come crashing down on us all too soon. You will learn how to work with the physical, emotional and spiritual energies of the inner spring.


Module 4 - The Inner Summer - Ovulation

☀️Summer is here! ☀️ We are up up up in the peak of our outer lives at this point in the cycle. Your physical energy is the highest it will be so everything feels achievable in this week. It's the outer YES to life! Here we will looks at how to embrace the gifts of the hedonistic inner summer so that we can maximise what we want from our lives. You will learn how to work with the vibrant physical, emotional and spiritual energies of ovulation.


Module 5 - The Inner Autumn - the Luteal phase

The premenstrual week is the most known, feared and loathed of all. For some people this week of the cycle can be really challenging and - as it’s the natural home of the inner critic - many often suffer with PMT or the more extreme PMT symptoms that come with conditions like PMDD or PME. You will learn how to use the energies of the premenstrum to improve your life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


Module 6 - Taking this work into your life

As we come to the end of our time together, we will plan how to take all what you have learned and experienced with you, so you can keep making positive changes for life.




  • A yummy meditative yoga nidra practice

  • A womb wisdom yoga practice for menstruation

  • Guest Expert herbal support for the cycle class



If you want to learn how to pace your energy, create balance in your life like never before, calm you nervous system, make better choices, massively level up your self care, feel happier, healthier  and excited for life, all while being authentically and unapologetically YOU this IS the course for you!

What other rebels say

"I am evolving and learning so much about myself I had no idea I could feel positive about my cycle! I am cherishing myself and learning to ride the wave of my cycle with love and gratitude."

"Life feels possible again. I'm so excited for what the future brings now. I can't thank you enough for the wisdom you have given me."

"I feel so moved and connected to myself and my cyclical nature.

I'm so grateful for this space."


Hi I’m Lisa, a menstrual cycle coach and the founder of The Red Rebel Collective. I teach women with severe PMS how to treat their symptoms naturally so that they can be free of menstrual suffering, because hormone health is crucial to a happy and fullfilled life.


For over a decade I suffered with PMDD and was on medication, with no plan to come off. I feared the ‘real me’ and held the view that my cycle was wrong, and broken. And therefore so was I. 


That is, until I discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness which helped me to become free of severe menstrual symptoms and transform my life for the better. Now I live with my cycle as my ally. 

It shows me the way forward and it holds me. It’s a friend, not a foe. 


After a year-long intensive training with the Red School, mentored directly by cycle pioneers Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, I now teach women & people who bleed how to transform their own lives through the holistic practice of Menstruality and cyclical living.


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