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Red Rebel at Audio Farm Festival

2 Sept 2022

We host our own healing area at Audio Farm Festival!

The Red Rebel Collective presents....WOMBTOPIA!

We took the RRC to Audio Farm Festival at Hopton Court, UK in 2022 via our pop up festival space, Wombtopia! This magical temple of rebellion brought 15 workshops across the 3-day weekend. Workshops included lunar yoga, red tent, sharing circles, menstrual cycle awareness workshops, nature crafting, herbal workshops, shamanic breathwork, art workshops, grounding rest sessions inside our sensory womb and live music performances with sacred instruments.


Restore the Divine Feminine and balance yin and yang in yourself and the earth. Come visit Wombtopia and nourish your mind, body and soul. Wombtopia is our healing space that will be travelling around the cosmic universe connecting with freethinkers and light beings who want to return back to a time of wholeness and bliss.

This magical temple is all about coming back into harmony with the natural cycles of the earth. Inside Wombtopia there will be sensory womb sessions where you can come and snuggle back into your first ever home. We will also hold open-heart sharing circles, meditations, breathwork, restorative yoga practices, talks, creative workshops, kirtan and sound healing.

Wombtopia - hosted by The Red Rebel Collective - is about connecting back to the cycles of our immersive reminder of our innate nature and a call to live closer to the cycles all around us. So much of society is focused on the Doing, Yang, Sacred Masculine energy that doesn’t let us stop. We are on a mission to bring back balance to ourselves and the planet through soft, slow practices of Being, Yin, Sacred Feminine energy.

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