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Reclaim The Power of Your Menstrual Cycle


  "When we turn towards the menstrual cycle as a guide to self care, we pace our energy, calm our nervous systems, channel spiritual forces and achieve a deep sense of belonging to Life itself."






 How long have you been thinking of your menstrual cycle as a burden?

Something to  fear, loathe, ignore or remove?

But what if your period was not an enemy but an ally?


 With this three month coaching package you will learn the core foundations of Menstruality and the extraordinary powers of the menstrual cycle. Together, we will undergo a thorough enquiry into your cycle and how you can use it to create a more balanced, nourished and happier life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You will learn how to connect to your cycle as a source of innate power and wisdom.

 This work is so powerful it can:

  • completely rewire the way you view your life

  • empower you to be truly body literate and know yourself better than ever before

  • heal menstrual suffering and transform your experience of menstrual problems

  • give you true balance in your life and increase energy levels

  • ensure that you avoid burnout - physical, mental and spiritual

  • level up how you do business plus boost your motivation and creativity at work

  • hold space for you to be with and heal trauma

  • help you reach new levels of understanding and respect within your relationships

  • restore in you an inner dignity and a deeper appreciation for the Feminine

  • empower you to step into your power and create the life you want

  • transform your view and understanding of menopause and post-menopause life


 Working with me 1:1 you will change your entire approach to self care. Learning all the tools and processes of this incredible life management system will mean you will feel a closer connection to yourself and to life. However, it must be said that this work is powerful; things may come up that you haven’t considered before and it will likely touch on some tender parts of yourself. A brave commitment to self enquiry is essential to make the most of our time together. I will in return hold a safe and sacred space for you at all times.



In just three months you will:

Feel healthier, more whole and more rested

Forge an intimate relationship with your cycle

Be practicing and refining the skill of living cyclically

Have an increased self-awareness and inner knowing

Feel more aware and in control of your emotions

Be a human BEING as well as a human DOING

Be happier in your own skin and able to handle your inner critic

Create boundaries in your life and vastly improve self care

Be able to take responsibility for yourself and your life path

Feel connected to the Divine Feminine and to all of life's cycles

Be a changemaker, a rebel, a revolutionary

Develop a deep trust in yourself

Move from fear to love

  What you get:


  • 12 x 1:1 coaching sessions with me (held on Zoom)

  • Weekly online course content tailored to you and your cycle

  • Somatic practices and experiential exercises to help you deepen into this work

  • Voxer support between sessions

  • Integration guidance - access to me for 1 month following our last session so I can assist with any support as you take your new learnings into your life

 If you are ready to start repairing your cycle, book a free chat with me below.

We will discuss your goals and see if I am the cycle coach for you.


 Want to start your journey right now? Download my FREE Introduction to Menstrual Cycle Awareness Pack HERE and get started with cycle tracking TODAY! 

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