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Awaken Your
Menstrual Power


💥 stop feeling like your hormones are ruining your life

💥 create balance in your life like never before

💥 pace your energy and avoid burning out

💥 create more time for yourself - time that is truly nourishing

💥 unlock your inner wisdom to make better choices in your life

💥 enjoy more meaningful relationships

💥 feel happier, healthier and excited for life

💥be authentically and unapologetically YOU


💥 be part of a rebellious community that fights the patriarchy and says no more to menstrual suffering



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Are you ready to unlock the power of your menstrual cycle and transform your life? This self-paced course invites you on an intimate journey to awaken your inner wisdom and achieve insane new levels of wellbeing. With guidance throughout, you'll learn how to harness the power of your period, improve your physical and emotional health and step into your full potential as a woman.


Awaken Your Power is a journey through the powerful energetics of the menstrual cycle. You will gain the knowledge to balance your hormones and discover the secrets of cyclical living to boost self care in a way that TRULY WORKS and is SUSTAINABLE. You will also receive healing practices specific to the menstrual cycle that will support your journey.


Here's what's involved:


💫 5 modules to train you in what’s happening every week of the menstrual cycle and how to use your cycle to vastly improve your energy, mood, health, relationships and work life

💫1 x 1:1 coaching session with me to support you further


💫 1 x yoga nidra practice

💫 herbal support bonus module

💫4 x rebel season playlists




Module 1 - Coming Into Relationship With Yourself + The Cyclical Gamechangers

As you embark on your inquiry into your own cycle, you will learn the socio-cultural history and implications of menstruation before looking at the basic biology of the menstrual cycle.

We will look at the reasons for menstrual suffering and learn how to begin tracking your cycle using Menstrual Cycle Awareness.


Module 2 - The Four Seasons

Introducing the Inner Seasons and how you can use them to get to know your own nature, strengths and weaknesses. We will talk about how they can help you build psychological muscle to transform your life and reduce menstrual suffering before undergoing a deeper enquiry through guided visualisation exercise.


Module 3 - The Inner Winter - Honouring Menstruation

Eveything begins and ends with menstruation, aka the inner winter. If you surrender to this seasons and consummate its gifts, you’re perfectly set up for the succession of seasons that follow. You will learn how to work with the incredibly wise energies of menstruation in a physical, emotional and spiritual sense to improve your physical, emotional health and access new levels of creativity.

Module 5 - Reframing the Premenstrum

The premenstrual week is the most known, feared and loathed of all. For some people this week of the cycle can be really challenging and - as it’s the natural home of the inner critic - many often suffer with PMS or the more extreme PMS symptoms that come with conditions like PMDD or PME. You will learn how to handle this formidable week of the cycle and how it can instead be a source of inner power and wisdom.


Module 6 - Taking This Wisdom Into Your Life

As we come to the end of our time together, we will plan how to take all what you have learned and experienced with you, so you can live cyclically and keep making positive changes to your health and life.




  • A yummy meditative yoga nidra practice

  • Herbal support for the cycle bonus module

  • Carefully curated 4 x Rebel Seasons playlists



If you're ready to learn how to pace your energy, create balance in your life like never before, calm your nervous system, make better choices, level up your self care, feel happier, healthier  and excited for life, all while being authentically and unapologetically YOU - then this is the course for you!


"This course has been a game changer. It's opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing my cycle. I was suffering bad with terrible mood swings but I'm so excited for what the future brings now. I can't thank you enough for the wisdom you have given me."

"I  am so happy I found this! I had no idea I could feel positive about my cycle! I am learning to ride the ups and downs with much more appreciation for my body and what it does every month and I feel like I can breathe again after such intense pms for years. This should be taught in schools!"

"I feel so seen!! I feel connected to myself like I never have before. I've already started making changes to my lifestyle and I feel so much better saying no instead of forcing myself to go out when I'm on my period. It's helped me and my partner too they understand why I feel like I do now and suddenly everything makes sense to me about how bad I felt before. So happy I found you Lisa."


Hi I’m Lisa, a menstrual cycle coach and the founder of The Red Rebel Collective. I teach women with severe PMS how to treat their symptoms naturally so that they can be free of menstrual suffering, because hormone health is crucial to a happy and fullfilled life.


For over a decade I suffered with PMDD and was on medication, with no plan to come off. I feared the ‘real me’ and held the view that my cycle was wrong, and broken. And therefore so was I. 


That is, until I discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness which helped me to become free of severe menstrual symptoms and transform my life for the better. Now I live with my cycle as my ally. 

It shows me the way forward and it holds me. It’s a friend, not a foe. 


After a year-long intensive training with the Red School, mentored directly by cycle pioneers Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, I now teach women & people who bleed how to transform their own lives through the holistic practice of Menstruality and cyclical living.


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