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Serving the Community

Hi I’m Lisa, the founder of The Red Rebel Collective.

For over a decade I suffered with PMDD and the only solution I got from doctors was medication.

I feared the ‘real me’ and held the view that my menstrual cycle was wrong, and broken.

And therefore so was I.


That is, until I discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness in 2019 which helped me to greatly reduce my severe menstrual symptoms and transformed my life in ways I could never have dreamed. 

Now I live with my cycle as my greatest ally. It’s a friend, not a foe, and helps me to take proper care of myself every single day, it's improved my creativity levels and has deepened my spiritual connection with the Divine Feminine. After a year-long intensive training with the pioneering Red School in 2020, mentored directly by cycle goddesses Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, I now teach women and people who bleed how to transform their own lives through the holistic practice of Menstruality.

This collective is for you if you want to:

  • Learn how Menstrual Cycle Awareness can change your life

  • Discover the ultimate self care practice and stress reduction tool

  • Manage your life according to your own individual natural rhythm

  • Receive insight into how to nourish your physical, emotional and spiritual body

  • Develop a deeper sense of gratitude for menstruation as the key to healing

  • Witness how cyclical living can heal trauma and ease PMDD symptoms

  • Gather with other menstruators in circle and hold space for each other

  • Fight the patriarchy and rebel against linear living


Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a way of gaining control of your life and reclaiming who you really are -  a cyclical being! For so long we have been turned off to this inner knowledge - our periods have been places of pain, distress, disregard and ignorance. Coming into relationship with your menstrual cycle is therefore an act of rebellion against the centuries of patriarchal forces that have oppressed this invaluable tool.

Because awareness means POWER!


At The Red Rebel Collective we want to bring people together as they learn to love their cycles. For too long we have been separated. There are those that suffer harsh monthly menstrual symptoms, even trauma, and on the other end of the scale there are those that don't feel any connection or awareness of their cycle at all, apart from the physical bleed.


No matter what your experience, you are heard, valid, and most of all - welcome.

From my womb to yours,



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